21st October

Vince, Jake, Jon, Tav, Brockers, and Nick

On arrival at the cave, packed away the ‘not-so-dry’ bags that were on the line ready for refilling, and headed underground to our various positions. Down in the deep Soft South/Trick or Treat area Brockers was digging, filling bags to be cleared away by Jon, Tav was on the haul and shuttle to the pot, Jake on the ledge, and I was at the bottom of the entrance stashing the filled bags into any  and all available spaces. Nick, having arrived a little later, went to the deep Soft South to help Tav on the haul and shuttle before returning to the surface to start hauling out the spoil.

We seem to have reached a point where the digging is just a bit further on and requires that extra bit of effort to clear the spoil back. This prompted some more job sharing as Tav moved along to help Jon clear away the bags from the ‘dig-chamber’, where there is an ‘up-and-over’ obstacle to clear. There was a brief discussion regarding the removal of rocks but as the skips are a little ‘worse for wear’ it was decided to leave the rocks where they were, at least until we have a supply of drums so new skips can be made.

After the recent rain it was wet throughout the cave, the skip-runs well-lubricated, and standing water was abundant. It was impossible to stay clean and dry.

Total bag count for today, 100 bags filled, hauled, and emptied onto the spoil heap!