14th October

Vince, Brockers, Nick, Jon, Jake, and Mike

A better turnout this weekend, and a welcome return of Mike after his summer [working] break.

Down in the deep Soft South/Trick or Treat area it was my turn to dig, Brockers clearing away the filled bags and rocks to Nick and Mike on the haul and shuttle to the pot. Jon and Jake were occupying the ledge/entrance positions although I do not know who was where.

As a result of the torrential rain yesterday the dripping of water was noticeable throughout the cave and there was standing water along the cave passages, at least the skip runs would be well lubricated. A pool of water in the dig chamber was channelled away by Brockers.

The digging bit is relatively easy at present, standing up, mattock in hand, and loosening the sediment before putting into bags. The harder effort comes in relocating the spoil all the way to the surface. About 100 bags were filled, hauled, and emptied along with several skip loads of rocks. A jovial session with plenty of banter as usual. Hunter’s Lodge Inn for refreshments before going home to wash kit ready for the next digging session.