18th November

Vince, Tav, Jon, Brockers, and Jake

Down in the deep Soft South/Trick or Treat chamber I was digging, Tav clearing away the filled bags and sporadic rocks away, over the hump to Jon. The spoil loaded into the drag tray to be hauled away by Brockers/Jake, the spoil carried along the passage to be stored, temporarily, at the pot. Later in the session Brockers and Jake moved the spoil up to the bottom of the entrance ready to be cleared to the surface later.

The expansion of the deep Soft South/Trick or Treat chamber continues, worked away on the ‘east’ side, mostly removing the now exposed calcited layer of fractured, sometimes degraded speleothems and lumps of conglomerate that overlies the bedrock. Slower going today, about 70 bags (and rocks) were shifted through the cave. The filled bags were hauled out of the cave and emptied onto the spoil heap. Job done!

To the Hunter’s for refreshments.