16th December

Vince, Tav, Nick, Jake, Jon, and Mike

Down in the deep Soft South and along the NE passage to continue the effort to get under and beyond Trick or Treat. I was digging under the stal boss obstruction with Tav clearing the bags away. Nick was on the other side of the ‘hump’ on “easy” duties as he is still in recovery following a malfunction a couple of weeks ago – it did not stop him “tidying-up” a bit. A combination of Mike, Jake, and Jon moved the filled bags back along the NE passage, up the pot to the bottom of the entrance. As the morning progressed some of the bags found their way to the surface.  

  At the dig-face, eventually, managed to work underneath the stal boss but the space created needs developing (a job for the next session). Once we get beyond this section it will be interesting to find out what happens further on.

  Soon though it was time to get the rest of the spoil out of the cave and digging activity was ceased. We all moved back to get the job done. 70-bags had been filled, hauled, and emptied onto the spoil heap this session.

  Back to the farm, change, and up to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for refreshment and discussion.