23rd December

Vince, Jon, Brockers, Jake, Nick, and Tav

Tav digging aided by Nick, Jake on the other side of the ‘hump’, Brockers moved the filled bags along the NE passage to the pot and hauled them up to Jon on the ledge. The bags transferred to the next drag-tray and hauled away by me to be unloaded and the sediment-filled bags stored, temporarily, at the bottom of the entrance. Later in the morning, I went up to the surface, Jon at the bottom of the entrance, between us the filled bags were hauled out of the cave ready to be emptied. Hauling the first twenty or so bags was okay, but as we progressed the hauling became increasingly difficult as the rope was impregnated with mud. The solution, a quick soak and wash in a bucket of water. The rope was easier to grip – the downside, was splashback of the now very wet rope, good job I was wearing glasses.

  About 120 bags were filled, hauled, and emptied. At the dig, Tav was loosening the sediment and Nick was filling the bags. The small space opened last session is now ‘hand’s and knee’s’ size apparently.

  Time to depart and make our way to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for the usual refreshments.