29th February

Solo. At the cave about 2 hours

A small alcove at roof level revealed by Tav last Saturday (24/02/24) appears to be part of the ‘rift’ alignment we are currently pursuing. I think we need to stay to the right of this line (and straight ahead), to the left will lead to An Unexpected Development.

Undergroundwent along to the NE extent (Trick or Treat/An Unexpected Development area) to have a quick look at progress (see above) and to take some sediment pH/temperature readings [mean pH 5.2; soil temp. 10 degs C]. Back to Can of Worms for more sediment pH/temp. readings [mean pH5.1; soil temp. 10 degs C], then returned to the surface

Above ground – moved the pile of rocks to where I needed them, down to the spoil heap extension, and then added them to the wall. When all available rocks were used up, that was it for today. Last task was to take some surface soil pH/temp. readings [pH 5.6; soil temp. 8 degs C].

Recording pH/temperature in Can of Worms. Image taken 29th February 2024