2nd March

Vince, Jon, Jake, Brockers, and Nick

As is the current trend, work continues at either end of a NE/SW alignment. Jon was dispatched to the ‘lonely’ spot at the NE extent, dragging a pack of wet and heavy ‘empty’ bags with him. Brockers was in the more sociable SW extent now known as a Can of Worms, support for the diggers was provided by Jake and Nick, I was at the bottom of the entrance. Digging was slightly delayed at the SW extent as the digger needed to adjust his attire. Eventually though work progressed.

 When about 20 bags had amassed at the entrance, I went up to the surface, with Nick loading the bucket, the filled bags were hauled out of the cave, then returned underground to clear away the backlog of bags from the diggers, and the next lot of bags were hauled up to the surface, some of them were emptied too. The rain continued intermittently mixed with hail/sleet. Back underground.

 About midday digging activities were wound down and the process of clearing the cave and emptying the bags took priority. About 100 bags were filled, hauled, and emptied plus one rock. Light rain continued to fall. Job done, back to the farm, changed, and up to the Hunter’s for refreshments.