9th March

Vince, Nick, Jake, Jon, and Tav

The digging continued to be pursued on the two fronts; Nick (on a self-imposed time constraint for this morning) was promptly dispatched to the NE extent, clutching a pack of fresh digging bags (supplied by Brockers), to work alone, Jake was digging at the SW extent in Can of Worms. The support team, comprised Jon, Tav, and me, worked continuously to keep both digs clear of filled bags (and making sure empty bags were available to be filled).

 Jake concentrated his effort on widening Can of Worms to see if the bedding reduced in height on the south side. Meanwhile, Nick working away in the ‘lonely’ spot had opened a small space at roof level that looks interesting, although more work is required to open the space fully to see how it might develop. As Nick was on a time limit, digging ceased in the NE about 11:30 and Nick returned to the surface, staying long enough to haul up some bags before leaving.

 At the bottom of the entrance there was a considerable accumulation of filled bags and the support team decided it was time to get the filled bags out of the cave, Jake was left to continue digging in Can of Worms. Eventually, all hands were engaged in spoil clearance. Once on the surface the bags were then emptied over the wall into the new extension area. I will level off the spoil dump later in the week. Today’s final count was about 120 filled bags emptied, and a token rock added to the wall. The woven bags supplied by Brockers are a lot easier to grip and carry than the plastic bags.

Refreshments at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn as usual.