23rd March

Vince, Jake, Brockers, Tav, and Mike

My turn to take up the ‘lonely’ spot beavering away beyond Trick or Treat, Mike was up on the landing opening a Can of Worms. The support team comprising Jake, Brockers, and Tav, not only kept the digs clear of bags but also hauled out a pile of rocks for wall building.

 As the morning progressed at the NE extent the dig ahead looked increasingly interesting. There are more spaces being revealed over the top of the sediment, sometimes with a thin crust of calcite flowstone and a feint hint of air movement. We appear to be approaching a bit of a ‘hump’, another metre or so of digging might reveal something more – all very tantalising, good stuff.

  At the close of the session, about 80 bags had been filled, hauled, and emptied and an estimated 30 skip loads of rock for wall construction.

  Another excellent session rounded off with a visit to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for some refreshments.