27th April

Vince, Brockers, Jon, and Nick

Another early start for me to break some more boulders stashed at the bottom of the pot. Time passed quickly, Brockers was the first of the team to arrive, clutching empty bags and other paraphernalia, he began to open a Can of Worms. Not long after Jon and Nick arrived. Jon took over the digging in ‘CoW’ and Brockers went to the top of the ledge to empty the bucket as I hauled up the accumulation of wall building material. Nick was in position at the bottom of the entrance and hauled the rocks and bags away and temporarily made a pile of stuff ready to go up to the surface later.

While I packed drill and kit away, Brockers cleared filled bags from Jon, Nick continued to accumulate spoil at the bottom of the entrance. Kit stowed, we settled into a steady rhythm keeping the dig clear of bags and, as the morning progressed, the accumulated spoil was removed to the surface. No-one bothered to actually count the quantity of spoil removed but arrived at a ‘guesstimate’ of somewhere around 60-70 bags filled, hauled, and emptied plus about 20-30 skip loads of rock ready to be added to the wall. There was an attempt to level the spoil (not by me) but the wall needs building up beforehand really – a job for another day!

The Hunter’s was visited for the usual post-digging refreshments.