20th April

Vince, Nick, Jon, Jake, Brockers, Tav, Mike, and Pete Bolt (with Charlie the dog)

Another full team assemblage, this week with a welcome guest appearance by ‘Bolty’.

An earlier start by me again as more rocks are needed for wall construction and there are quite a number of boulders at the bottom of the pot that require size reduction. Busy with the plugs/feathers until all battery power (3no.) was just about used. At that moment, Jake arrived, clutching several packs of bags, heading off to the NE extent closely followed by Pete B. I packed my kit away and started towards the entrance. Brockers made a beeline for a Can of Worms and proceeded to dig.

On the surface, I swapped place with Nick, who was happy to go underground (my light battery wasn’t as charged as I had thought!), Mike was also on surface duties. The rocks from the pot were hauled out of the cave and soon added to the wall, thereby creating space for spoil disposal, and there was going to be quite a lot of spoil today. A total of 136 bags were filled, hauled, and emptied (and somewhere between 25 to 30 skip loads of rocks). All the while there was plenty of vocal support for the surface team from Charlie the dog! It became more peaceful when Pete returned to the surface.  

A very productive session and we can do it all again next weekend. As usual, there were refreshments at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn.