6th May 2017

With Brocker’s, Jake, Nick, Jonathon and Tav.

Brocker’s went to the end of Merlin’s to clear the debris, Jake was in the ‘Tuck Shop’, Nick at the top of the slope, I was on the haul and shuttle until Jonathon arrived and took over the hauling bit. Tav was on the surface, hauling out the spoil and wall building, after clearing away the vegetation to facilitate an extension of the wall.

The induced rapid speleogenesis (IRS) had worked, 56 skip-loads of rock, gravel and some fine sediment were hauled out on to the surface.

Towards the end of the session I went up to the end to have a look at the progress made. Jake and Brocker’s had swapped places, Jake was busy removing the last of the fractured rock in readiness for the next application of IRS. There is good clean rock to drill into at the base of the potential way forward, so the scalloping in the roof can be preserved. Jake cleared away some loose sediment and the low gap can be seen to continue for about 3 metres, there is 150-200mm of calcite on the floor of the phreatic ‘tube’, it appears to trend to the south-west.

All cleared, it was time for refreshments.

I have arranged to attend to the IRS on Monday evening, so more to clear next weekend.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist