24th July 2018

With Jake and Tav

I wanted to look at the current dig to see
whether an application of IRS might be required and to photograph the fractured
stal in the north/south rift at the [current] furthest point of the passage,
perhaps evidence for earth movements. Jake is off to Scotland for a month, also
wanted to get a good look at the current dig. Tav thought it a good time to get
some surveying done. We did all those things. About 40m of passage surveyed. A
good evening and the prospects ahead look very encouraging.

The way forward is obstructed by some slabs
of degrading flowstone, they are loose but there’s not quite enough space to
shift them. The floor can be dug-out to give more room for progress to be made.
About 4m ahead there appears to be more space and there is cool air movement.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist