15th July

With Brockers and Nick

A small team assembled but strong enough to make a good fist of it. Some pre-dig banter regarding the benefits of flower shoes over a good digging session. Arrived at the cave, packed the bags, and underground to the deep Soft South to continue the task in hand.

Brockers was upfront digging, following a brief discussion about where to concentrate today’s effort, I was clearing away the filled bags (and sporadic rocks) and dragging them back to load the skip. The skip was being hauled by Nick, who manhandled the bags along the passage to the pot, and up the fixed ladder to deposit them up on the ledge.

As the time approached midday we decided to stop digging and clear the spoil out of the cave. Somewhere about 50 filled bags were emptied onto the spoil heap. A satisfactory digging session.

To the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for refreshments!

8th July 2023

Disappointingly, no digging today due to a variety of reasons including flower shows, holidays, and family commitments.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist