6th April

Report by Jon

“Only three reliable members of the Team arrived on site at the appointed hour. Between them, Jon, Nick and Jake remembered the key. It was a blustery morning, but dry, as the Team walked up to the dig. The stile just before the dig is in need of attention. A previous attempt to shore up one of the posts has highlighted the fact that the post needs replacing.

The dig was unlocked using the multi-person, rock-and-key method.

Jake repaired the skip on the entrance haul. Cable ties are now available at the bottom of the entrance. After an absence of more than a week, Nick was clearly desperate to dig. The Team opted to focus on the Can of Worms. While Nick filled his first pack of bags, Jon and Jake moved some building stone. Jon worked on the ledge; Jake hauled. After Nick had filled several bags, Jake moved up to the bottom of the entrance. Jon carried bags of spoil from Nick back to the ledge. Nick also dug out a quantity of rocks. Three larger rocks remain on the ledge and will need further persuasion to be removed. Jake hauled.

As is now normal, the hauling pair then moved up again and took the spoil bags to the surface. Jon loaded at the bottom of the entrance. Jake hauled.

Jake’s new oiling system for the pulley above the entrance came too late. The pulley needs to be replaced with some urgency. It survived the morning but is audibly distressed. Some 60 bags of spoil were removed along with 18 loads of stone.

The tree eventually advised Jake that it was time to retire to a local hostelry for light refreshment. The good news was that the tree had put its clock forward the previous week. The key was dutifully returned to the correct place. This act was duly witnessed.”