13th April

Vince, Brockers, Jake, Jon, Nick, Tav, and Mike

A full team assembled for today’s digging activities. It was going to be productive.

An earlier start by me and Brockers. The dodgy pulley and sling were replaced at the entrance before venturing underground. There was a small accumulation of boulders on the ledge that needed dealing with, so I got to work with plugs and feathers, Brockers cleared away the reduced lumps of rock and also filled a few bags in Can of Worms (leaving a pile of debris for Jake to clear away later). Jake was the next to arrive and took over from Brockers digging Can of Worms. Rock reduction completed I went up to the surface, collecting some a small bar, as requested by Nick, on the way out. The rest of the team had arrived. Nick was repairing the stile in the woods before heading underground to dig at the NE end beyond Trick or Treat. The subsurface support team comprised Brockers, Mike, and Tav, Jon joined me on the surface. With the two os above ground, the bags were hauled out, emptied, and the dumped spoil levelled, the rocks were added to the wall to create more space for spoil dumping. It was a very pleasant morning on the surface.

Below ground digging progressed a good rate. About 140 bags were filled, hauled, and emptied, plus quite a few rocks hauled out and placed on the spoil heap wall. Refreshments were well-earned at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn today.